Meet the Staff

Get to know who you are dealing with!

Here we have some of the staff that works at HTK Hawaii and Hawaiian Snow Nevada! You may have spoken with one of them through the phone, email, or perhaps even in person if you visited our show room. You may notice that each person has multiple roles, we really multi task here! We are all here to help you make your business better and answer your questions to all your shave ice needs. All of our employees strive towards working with our clients with honesty and integrity. 

Mike Hsia - Founder

Mike is the co founder of HTK Hawaii along with Amy Kang.  Prior to starting the shave ice business, he worked in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. After he moved to Hawaii,he has started this business from the ground up and has been the number one sales associate in the company for over 20 years. Mike has honed his experience in the industry over years of hard work and research. Many of the oldest shave ice stores around have dealt with Mike at some point or another. Currently he is semi retired and enjoying life outside from work. Mike has a BA in Foreign Language and use to be able to speak Turkish and German. He enjoys traveling and exploring the out doors.

Amy Kang - Vice President

Amy Kang started HTK Hawaii with Mike during the summer of 83. She is personally responsible for developing over 40 of our current Hawaiian Snow flavors. There is no one in the company that knows shave ice flavors as well as she does and she has tried and tested every single one of them. Many of our old time customers may remember Amy on the phone assisting them with their sales or typing up invoices using her trusty type writer. She has trained many of the employees that work here today and continue to do so with detailed experience. Currently Amy mainly deals with our business in Asia and lives there part time. If you don't catch her in her office, she is most likely traveling. Amy enjoys politics as well as history.

William Hsia- President of Hawaiian Snow Nevada

William Hsia is the current President of Hawaiian Snow Nevada as of 2017. Prior to that, he has worked as the company's office manager in charge of vendor as well as customer relationships. His numerous contributions to the overall growth of the company includes building our current eCommerce site in 2006, facilitating the purchase of Pure Gold Ice Company in 2007, the purchase and sale of Scandinavian Shave Ice in 2009, as well as promoting as well as William Hsia has assisted in bringing the Hawaiian Snow brand to the mainland and expanding it's mainland presence with the help of his continental US management team.  He has developed a dozen of our current most popular flavors and introduced new models of shave ice machines. He has 20 years of experience in the shave ice industry and worked for HTK Hawaii since 2006. William is a alumni of Cal Poly Pomona. He is an martial art enthusiast and enjoys fountain pens and hiking.   Email:

Calvin Chen - Manager of Hawaiian Snow Nevada

Calvin Chen has been with the company since 2006. He is in charge of Hawaiian Snow Nevada and all continental US sales. Calvin is the primary contact with our hotel, military, and institution accounts in both the mainland and in Hawaii.  Many of our customers have spoke or dealt with Calvin before. He is known for his patience in dealing with hard issues as well as offering a excellent and friendly service when troubleshooting our customers problems.Many of our troubleshooting videos online are done by him as well as write ups on our forums. Recently he just celebrated his 10 year anniversary working with the company!  On his spare time, Calvin likes to catch fish, watch movies, star wars, off-roading, and shooting. 


Ruston Smith - Marketing and Sales Director

Ruston Smith is the newest addition to the team starting in 2019! He is in charge of Marketing and Advertising for Hawaiian Snow Nevada! Ruston is the primary person behind all of our social media, our photography, and videography! He is know for his enthusiasm, dedication to detail, wide range of knowledge and overall positive attitude! In his spare time, Ruston likes being outside, playing golf, off-roading, and spending time with his family! 


Randi Kesterson - Manager of HTK Hawaii

Randi is our newest manager and comes to HTK with 12 years of customer service experience. Randi assists with managing our main office and our ice production and water facilities. Randi enjoys interacting with our customers and looks forward to developing business relationships with our clientele. She is an alumni of Chaminade University with a BS in Criminal Justice. In her spare time, Randi enjoys traveling, woodworking, and spending time with family.  Email:

Kimberly Lee- President of HTK Hawaii Inc

The ever friendly Kim is our Hawaii company's president and sales representative. She has been working with the company since 2006 and knows the business inside and out. Her motto is to provide the best customer service possible, and she proves it by receiving many positive reviews by customers on her excellent service and friendly attitude. Kim's primary focus is dealing with billing and shipping issues, and she also has an extensive knowledge of shave ice machines and flavoring. If you ever happen to have a phone call answered by her, feel free to fire away hard questions, she will be sure to answer!  Kim is a graduate from Cal State University with a BA in Liberal Studies. She enjoys reading and working out. 


Henry L. - Warehouse/Retail Sale/ Lead Mechanic

Henry has been working with our company since 2007. Henry is a master in packing and he personally checks and packs all the shave ice machines that gets shipped from our warehouse. Aside from being a expert packager, he is also mechanically savvy. Henry repairs all the shave ice, cotton candy, and popcorn machines that comes to our warehouse for servicing. Henry's specialty is fixing electrical wirings as well as motors. When you walk into the office, Henry is sometimes there to take your order. He is a proud father of two kids and loves spending time with them on his spare time.

Hanson - Manager at Honolulu Ice Company

Hanson is our ever faithful delivery driver and ice harvester at Honolulu Ice. Hanson is born and raised in Micronesia and has experience with driving big rigs as well as doing work on electric power lines. He enjoys spending time with his kids and grand kids when he is off work. Back in Micronesia, Hanson use to build boats!