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Fujimarca Mc711 Starter Kit

Availability: In Stock
Brand: Fujimarca
Product Code: HTK-22026

Fujimarca Mc711 Starter Kit

The Fujimarca MC711 manual ice shaver is our most popular home use shaver. This machine will practically last forever as long as you have the muscles to crank the wheel! We have set up a simple starter kit for customers that want something "extra" beside just the machine.

**Please notifty us of concentrate flavors in "comments" section upon checkout**

Starter Set Contains
(1) Fujimarca Mc711 Shaver
(6) 4 oz flavor concentrates
(6) Pouring Bottles w/ Spouts and Dust Cap
(3) Plastic Ice Molds
(1) Measuring Cup
(1) Pouring Bottle Funnel
(1) Sleeve Small Mixed Flower Cup
(1) Box Spoonstraws
(1) 1-Hole Flower Cup Holder
$471.00 total retail value