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Biodegradable Small Flower Shave Ice Cup (200pcs)

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Brand: Hawaiian Snow
Product Code: HTK-22029

Biodegradable Small Flower Shave Ice Cup (200pcs)

This is a sleeve of 200 small biodegradable shave ice flower cups.

These earth friendly cups are made from PLA plastics which is derived from reneweable resources (corn starch, sugar cane, tapioca products, etc. ).

These bio cups are clear with a recycle stamp located on the bottom of the cup. On the side of the cup, it says "biodegradable" which lets your customers know that they are buying from a business that uses environmentally products. These cups have been tested to wither half it's size within a week of being left in the sun.

Customers will notice that these cups are a bit "firmer" than your regular colored flower cups.

These cups are NOT made to hold hot food.

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