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Medium Lily Shave Ice Cups(1800pcs)

Availability: In Stock
Brand: Hawaiian Snow
Product Code: HTK-013

Medium Lily Shave Ice Cups(1800pcs)

  • Lily shave ice cups have the same volume as medium flower shave ice cups
  • Available in assorted color sleeves of 300 pieces or 6 colored sleeves of 1,800 pieces
  • Available in 6 attractive colors of red,blue,green,yellow,orange,and purple
  • Catches messy syrup drippings
  • Lily shave ice cups have a special "ledge" at the side of the cup to prevent spilling when pouring syrup onto the shave ice. Flower cups have the pedal at the edge of the cup which can cause syrup to over flow.
  • Octogonal shaped base for better grip as opposed to circle base for flower cups
  • New countour shaped cup as opposed to the older flower cup
  • Sets your business apart from the traditional flower shave ice cup businesses

1800 Pieces Per Case