Large Flower Trays(1200pcs)

Large Flower Trays(1200pcs)

Product Code: HTK-017
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Product Description

  • Large flower shave ice drip trays are made for vedors that wish to prevent spillage of shave ice while retaining the use of traditional paper cone cups
  • Large flower shave ice cups will need to be used in addition to paper cone cups
  • Fits most 6oz and 8oz shave ice paper cone cups
  • Available in assorted color sleeves of 200 pieces or 6 colored sleeves of 1200 pieces
  • Available in 6 attractive colors of red,blue,green,yellow,orange,and purple
  • Catches messy syrup drippings and prevents the shave ice from toppling
  • Used by many famous shave ice stores in Hawaii
  • Made of good quality materials that will keep your customers happy while eating their shave ice!

1200 Pieces Per Case