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Blade Mounting Bracket
Metal blade mounting bracket for the Fujimarca MC-709 shave ice machine. This bracket helps mount th..
Gear assembly housing
This is the Fujimarca MC709 spring/gear housing that is used for the pressure and gear assembly. ..
Gear assembly lock
This is the locking nut that goes onto the Fujimarca MC 709 gear assembly. This is used not only to ..
Hatsuyuki Center Shaft
Hatsuyuki HC-8E center shaft. Central shafts are usually worn out due to age. Inspect during bearing..
Hatsuyuki HC-8e Safety Switch
Hatsuyuki HC-8e Safety Switch. Replaces worn out safety switchs. ..
Hatsuyuki HC-8E Starter Kit Lvl 1
The Hatsuyuki HC-8e level 1 starter set is a basic start up package that is well suited for clients ..
Hatsuyuki HC8E Belt
Replacement belt for the Hatsuyuki HC8e cube shave ice machine. ..
Hatsuyuki HC8E Blade
Replacement blade for the Hatsuyuki HC8e cube shave ice machine. Easy to replace, genuine Hatsuyuki ..
Hatsuyuki HC8E Cube Ice Shaver
Hatsuyuki HC-8E Specifications Dimensions 13-5/16"W x 15-1/4"D x 17"H 1/3 HP Motor Electrical 1..
Hatsuyuki HC8e Extension Hopper
This is a custom made plexiglass extension hopper for the Hatsuyuki HC8e. The extensions sits tightl..
Hatsuyuki HC8E Motor
Factory motor for the Hatsuyuki HC-8E Cube Shave Ice Machine.  ..
Hatsuyuki HC8E Pan
Replacement bottom drip tray for the Hatsuyuki HC8e cube shave ice machine. Hose not included. ..
Power switch for the Hatsuyuki HC8e cube ice shaver. ..
Hatsuyuki HC8e Rubber Foot
Replacement rubber foot for the Hatsuyuki HC8E cube ice shavers. Comes individually. ..
Hatsuyuki HC8E Screw
For a set of 5 screws. ..